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Name Academic title Focus areas Reachability
Friedle, Albrecht managing director and technical manager
Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Chemistry
pubicly appointed and sworn expert
for chemical interior contaminants
+49 9403 96798-23
Humm, Beate management
Dipl. Biology
microbiology (§44 IfSG) and
molecular biology (§§14+15 GenTSV)
+49 9403 96798-16
Rauland, Dr. Uwe management
Dipl. Biology
mycology und microbiology +49 9403 96798-12
Balbierer, Dr. Gabriele Dipl. Chemistry interior diagnostics +49 9403 96798-17
Besl, Sandra Certified Food Chemist expert for the evaluation of food samples
analyses of migration
+49 9403 96798-15
Blank, Dieter Certified Food Chemist expert for the analyses of cross checked samples
organic fruit and vegetables
+49 9403 96798-14
Friedrich, Stephanie B.Sc. Nutrition and Health Care Management quality management representative +49 9403 96798-27
Gutiérrez Herrera, Ricardo Dipl. Food Chemist canned goods and dried fruit +49 9403 96798-11
Müller, Jakob Dipl. Agricultural Engineering pre-harvest controls +49 9403 96798-18
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