May 2015

Chlorate - a contaminant in foodstuff and drinking water

In this poster we show the development and validation of an accurate analytical method for the determination of chlorate, bromate and perchlorate in water and foodstuff using 18O stable isotope labelled internal standards. The method was applied to drinking water, irrigation water and food samples. It has also been applied to washing experiments to identify the main source of chlorate residues in food.

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Feb 2014

A study regarding the pollution with heavy metals in the Punjab region

The pollution with metals seems to be a factor influencing the development of cancer in the population of the Malwa region. Preventive as well as therapeutic measures seem to be advisable for an effective detoxification from metals.

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Nov 2013

Current topic: phosphorous acid

The German magazine Öko-Test no. 10/2013 tested different grape samples and detected residues of phosphorous acid in the majority of the organic samples. According to these results the organic products were devaluated…

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May 2013

Current topic: European proficiency test FV 15

Our performance in the annual European proficiency test (EUPT) is worth mentioning: Of a total of 173 laboratories in Europe we came first place. See attachment for details.

We are very proud about this result and we will continue to strive for an outstanding quality.

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Aug 2011

Current topic: Radioactivity

In our experience it is advisable to randomly analyze food products from Eastern Europe (Chernobyl) for artificial radionuclides. It is assumed that after the nuclear reactor disaster in Fukushima, imported food products from Japan and its neighboring states will exhibit a higher radioactivity in the future.

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