EPRW 2018 – our poster wins the poster award

2018-05-28 16:51

Our poster with the theme “Phthalimide - Metabolite of Folpet or unavoidable Artifact” was awarded at the European Pesticide Residue Workshop 2018.

There are four possible options for the formation of phthalimide, whereby it is possible to exclude artifact formation in the GC injector via the (APCI)LC-MS/MS technique.

Nevertheless, the formation of phthalimide prior to analysis (e.g. by drying processes) out of ubiquitous compounds cannot be analytically differentiated from the metabolite of folpet or phosmet.

Therfore the new residue definition Folpet (sum of folpet and phthalimide, expressed as folpet) represents a problem, especially for organic products.

poster award


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